The garden

Join us at the Garden, our mid-week service, on Wednesday nights at 6:30 for fellowship and 7:00 for service. Our pastors take time to answer questions from people and dive deeper into God's word and teaching. 

Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry meets the first Saturday of every month 10 am-12:30 pm.

Men's Ministry Mission (3M)

The Men's Ministry's theme is "Mind, Body, and Spirit." Our goal is to help men of God become healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit through positive and encouraging fellowship, physical well-being, and Spiritual Discipline. Our main Bible Scripture is out of Ephesians 4:12 to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.

3M meets the first Saturday of every month 10 am-1 pm. 

Married's Ministry

Our Get Ready class is an 8-week class for couples who are dating, engaged, and newly married.
For more information on our Get Ready class, weddings, couples counseling, and small groups, contact us below.