Camp sonshine

Camp Sonshine is an award-winning, county, and state licensed Christian day camp in Maryland. They provide both summer day camp and year-round programming such as Before And After School Care, for school-aged children in Montgomery County.

His academy

His Academy believes that education should go beyond simply acquiring knowledge and focus on developing the whole person—intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. His Academy is dedicated to providing an educational experience that goes beyond the surface, fostering deep understanding, critical thinking, and a genuine love for learning. 

instituto Canzion 

Instituto CanZion is a Spanish speaking program where students of all ages can develop musical skills by learning an instrument in-depth such as piano, singing, guitar, and drums and by developing ministry skills through leadership training for their community and local church.

New Beginning Community Church

New Beginning Community Church (NBCC) is a multicultural, multiethnic church that meets within Living Word's building. While they are a independent community from Living Word, we are honored and privilege to share space and partner with their church family!